Self-produced original work:

Thanks to a generous grant from Northwestern University, Erin was able to write, direct, and produce “Nerve Endings”. The entire film is available to view, upon request.

Client-based Content Production:

Since 2013, Erin has written and produced videos for NogginLabs, Inc. — a custom-made software company that creates programming for a wide variety of clients.

She has written scripts and worked with animation and video programmers to create diverse content for luxury retail brands, pharmaceutical companies, secondary education programs, and most recently an interactive computer game geared towards aspiring triathletes.

Her role as a content producer requires project management, decision-making, client interaction, and collaborative creation with multiple members of the production team. Her job is to make ALL material, no matter the subject, engaging and memorable for the audience.

Original pilots and screenplays:

Contact Erin to see what she’s scheming up next.