Full-Length Plays

Erin’s full-length plays include:

Miss Major Cushman:

She's a wife, mother, actress and a failed union spy. Tonight, Pauline Cushman takes to the stage and tells her story. But how much of it is true is anyone's guess.

Developed at Greenhouse Theater (2017-18)

Above the Ceiling:
Flexible casting: minimum of 4f/4m

Dottie is just another bored housewife before a young man with a sewing-machine crawls through her window. Sex, spanking, and sewing permeate the Milwaukee mansion and propel Dottie and her young lover through their own version of the Roaring ‘20s. Based on a true story, Above the Ceiling explores the consequences of a woman with nothing to call her own, moving a secret lover out of her husband’s factory and into his attic.

Developed at Chicago Dramatists (2017)

FREEDOM out of order:

When eleven Chicagoans discover they are anything but typical, they must navigate their own path through a world of challenges including exams, dating, and job interviews— all while using public transportation. FREEDOM out of order is a musical about the never-ending journey towards self-acceptance and the extraordinary and creative ways we can travel through life. This musical is about people with disabilities. It is for everyone. *Music and lyrics by Megan Elk.

The Corpse Flower:

It’s 2 am in the Missouri Botanical Gardens and it’s unseasonably warm for November. The garden’s main attraction, the rare corpse flower, is only a few hours from blooming and releasing its signature scent of death. While live-streaming cameras monitor every angle of the exotic plant, the Gardens themselves are empty… with the exception of two women. The Corpse Flower is a play about the unique and varying ways we continue to create and destroy life on an aging and ever-changing planet.

Reading with Living Room Playmakers

Insert Heart Here :

The war is coming to an end. The supply is running out. But when one more chance comes to help a patient, Midge has to decide who that patient will be. Can a healthy heart lead to a healthy soul? Insert Heart Here is an alternate-reality dark comedy about the beating heart and the way it travels, willingly and unwillingly, from person to person.

The Hub Theatre (2016)
Winner of Red Theatre’s New Play Competition (2015)
Red Theatre (Workshop and Staged Reading)

Range of View :

Lindsay and Edith celebrate the most important weekend of their lives by marrying one another in front of carefully selected family and friends. But as mysterious sightings in the mountains threaten and unexpected financial offers disrupt, the wedding guests are forced to face their fears.

Reading with Living Room Playmakers

Zombie Chop :

The popular young-adult television show Zombie Chop ended suddenly and tragically. Ten years later at the Chicago Comic Con, the cast has reunited to announce their one-time TV reunion special. The meeting mixes three returning cast members, a ruthless producer, a subservient writer, a self-serving PA and a surprise guest—all with radically different agendas. Secrets are revealed, love explored, and sex exploited, as Wookies run amok.

MFA Playwrights Workshop at Northwestern University

Mary M.: Future Bible Babe :

When Mary M. gets busted for soliciting sexual favors in her high school chemistry classroom, her mother sends her to live with her sister’s family in Michigan for a while. In order to get back home, Mary makes a drastic decision.

Mary M.: Future Bible Babe takes the myth of Mary out of the Bible pushes her into the future and focuses on her life right before she became infamous.

American Theatre Company (Workshop and staged reading)
MFA Playwrights Workshop at Northwestern University

Fit :

Three generations of Scottish women, all at the age of twenty, grapple with psychological turmoil, family history, and the all-consuming desire to fit.

FringeNYC 2009
Backstage.com’s Critic’s Pick
Published by IndieTheatrenow: Fit


A hand-painted wall and the non-linear stories that emanate from its coated layers express Ryan and Ann’s tumultuous roommate relationship and the external romantic influences that keep them apart.

FringeNYC 2009
Backstage.com’s Critic’s Pick
Published by IndieTheatrenow: FingerPaint*