Living Room Playmakers

Erin Austin is a cofounder of Living Room Playmakers: a collective of playwrights who write and produce site-inspired plays for unusual spaces.

Erin’s site-inspired short plays for Living Room Playmakers, include:

“David Makes His Rounds”:

Former class clown, David, bursts into his 15 year high school reunion with an agenda: to apologize for his drunken, childish, and hurtful antics of the past. With his beautiful fiance by his side, David wins over the room...until he bumps into Margot.

Written for and performed at Berry United Methodist Church in Ravenswood, Chicago

“The Dance Lesson”:

A young soon-to-be married couple take private wedding dancing lessons from an overzealous and ethereal dance instructor named Portia.

Written and performed on the main floor of a small mansion in Rogers Park, Chicago

“Training Day”:

It’s Slow Jim Fizz’s last day working at the bar. Before he can escape the clutches of the bar life, he’s got to train his replacement.

Written and performed in a DIY space/speakeasy in Lakeview, Chicago


A grieving man is forced to deal with the death of his lover when the Boogie Man comes for a visit.

Written for and performed in Jessy Lauren Smith’s bedroom in Lincoln Square, Chicago

“Going Solo”:

A Loyola grad student makes the choice to take herself out for a night on the town.

Written for and performed at Roman Susan Art Gallery in Rogers Park, Chicago

“Temporary Timeshare”:

Melanie and Theo experience all the highs and all the lows of living together when they hide out in a furniture store overnight and play house.

Written for and performed at District Furniture Store in Ravenswood, Chicago

“The Longest Game”:

A construction worker must clear out the now-defunct Cards Against Headquarters before a bomb decimates the place. The only problem? Two women have been playing a board game for decades, and they refuse to vacate the space.

Written for and performed at The Cards Against Humanity Headquarters in Bucktown, Chicago

Erin’s Living Room Playmaker Producer Credit’s include:

  • Under the Table: an evening of micro-docs and short plays about Chicago’s indie tabletop community at The Cards Against Humanity Headquarters in Bucktown
  • Nightlights: a living room party with short plays upstairs in the bedroom in Lincoln Square
  • Three Stories: three short plays, performed on three levels of a small mansion in Rogers Park

For more information on Living Room Playmakers, please visit: