Short Plays

Erin’s short plays include:

“The Unlimited-Year-Long Class Pack”:

A scuffle over a refund on a year long class membership to a fancy yoga studio leads to an unexpected interaction between a woman with cancer and her yoga instructor.

Chicago Dramatists


When Jessica’s pregnancy pains reach an all time high, she seeks out the alternative medical assistance of her older sister in law.

Samuel French Festival (finalist)
Northwestern University’s Masterclash

“Not New”:
Flexible casting. Originally staged with 3f/6m

High school dynamics are weird, especially when you are new. This play explores and celebrates the life of Chicago high school students.

Written for and performed by students at Kelvyn Park High School
American Theatre Company’s Bridge Program (2013 and 2014)

“Those of You Who Wait”:

Owen and Sarah spent a casual and booze-filled night together. Now, days later they are scheduled to meet again, this time in a busy tea shop. After a strange and ominous meeting with a rose-seller, Owen is reunited with his one-night stand.

Cold Basement Productions
Chicago Dramatists

“Neurons and Photo Albums”:

A diagnosis of dementia leads to the passing off of years of photo albums from mother to daughter.

Theatre Masters: Performance in Aspen, CO and NYC, NYC
Chicago Dramatists